The WELLMED network conducts research aimed at exploring how burnout and well-being are related to different aspects of quality of care and patient safety, in terms of clinical decision making, communication in clinical practice, medical errors, civility at the workplace, and patient neglect.  In May 2018, we held our 3rd  International Conference on Well-being and Clinical Performance; WELLMED meets biannually to bring together experts from diverse disciplinary backgrounds in order to present and discuss innovative ways of linking well-being to patient safety and quality of care.
Connecting Health care worker well-being, patient safety and organisational change: The Triple Challenge
There is a growing realization within healthcare that healthcare worker well-being, patient outcomes and organizational change are symbiotically linked. We have accumulated enough evidence to demonstrate that job burnout has become a major problem within the field of healthcare.  This book has brought together a diverse group of authors from different disciplinary backgrounds to delineate the ways that we can integrate employee expectations, patient experiences and organizational design.  The book will published in 2020.  For more information email me at my contact details. 
The Psychology of Coaching & Mentoring
I run short courses on Coaching and Mentoring in Thessaloniki.  The courses are aimed at individuals interested in learning more about the theory and techniques employed in coaching and mentoring.  Topics covered in the course include mediation, conflict management, burnout and toxic workplace and appreciative inquiry. Interested individuals can find out more by sending an email to to request more information. 
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